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I believe that when psychologists bridge the gap between research and practice, more effective treatments are possible.

Journal Articles


Earlier publications appear in my maiden name, Munchua, or in a hyphenated version, Munchua-DeLisle.

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Book Chapters

Munchua-DeLisle, M. M., & Reddon, J. R. (2005). Leisure motivation in relation to psychosocial adjustment. In S. P. Shohov (Ed.), Advances in Psychology Research, Vol. 33 (pp. 203-217). Hauppage, NY: Nova Science Publishers.

Reddon, J. R., Vander Veen, S., & Munchua, M. M. (2001). The hierarchical nexus of psychosocial adjustment and psychopathology: Relationship of the Holden Psychological Screening Inventory (HPSI) with the Basic Personality Inventory (BPI) and the Differential Personality Inventory (DPI). In F. Columbus (Ed.), Advances in Psychology Research, Vol. 3 (pp. 91-125). Hauppage, NY: Nova Science Publishers.